TREDISEC is a European collaborative Research and Innovation Action that leverages existing or novel cryptographic protocols and system security mechanisms, which offer strong data confidentiality, integrity and availability guarantees while permitting efficient storage and data processing across multiple tenants.

From a practical standpoint, the ambition of this project is to develop systems and techniques that make the cloud a secure and efficient place to store data. We plan to step away from a myriad of disconnected security protocols or cryptographic algorithms, and to converge instead on a (possibly standardized) single framework where all objectives are met to the highest extent possible.

Started on April 1st 2015, the ultimate goal of TREDISEC is to converge to a unified framework where resulting primitives are integrated, while following the end-to-end security principle as closely as allowed by functional and non-functional requirements.

Cloud security requirements

  • Verifiable Storage
  • Verifiable Ownership
  • Access control and policy enforcement
  • Resource isolation
  • Data privacy
  • Verifiable Computation
  • Privacy preserving data outsourcing
  • Privacy preserving processing

Cloud functional requirements

  • data compression
  • data deduplication
  • hardware-level isolation
  • virtualization
  • application-level isolation

TREDISEC primitives

  • compression of encrypted data
  • secure data deduplication
  • proof of ownership with data confidentiality
  • distributed (ABAC) policy enforcement with multi-tenancy
  • efficient shared ownership
  • secure data deletion
  • privacy preserving word search with data reduction
  • privacy preserving word search with multi-tenancy
  • proofs of retrievability with deduplication
  • verifiable computation
  • system integrity verification


New whitepaper on cloud towards Free Flow of Data with the participation of TREDISEC

The Data Protection, Security and Privacy Cluster of EU-funded research projects working in those areas has released the Whitepaper on Cloud technology options towards Free Flow of Data.

The document is the result of the collaborative effort of the clustered projects, and it collects the technology outcomes from the projects that help to solve some of the issues raised by the Free Flow of Data (FFD) initiative of the Digital Single Market.

TREDISEC will participate in Trust in Digital Life event

This year's Trust in the Digital World event is to be held at the New Babylon Centre in The Hague on 15/16 June. This event is a mixture of practical demonstrations, presentations, panel discussions and “un-conference” session covering key challenges, visions and strategies. It is envisioned for those in business, public sector and government who are involved in the policy, security, systems and processes surrounding trust.