D2.2. Requirements analysis and consolidation

The purpose of this deliverable is to explore the various functional and non-functional requirements (including security and privacy requirements) of cloud storage and computation systems and identify not only the most relevant ones but also those which may not be met simultaneously.
Thanks to the specification of the requirements combining security and operational aspects, the TREDISEC project is now moving into the design of the various security primitives (WP3, WP4 and WP5) and further into the orchestration of these individual modules.

D2.1. Description of the Context Scenarios and Use Cases Definition

(This document is confidential and thus, is not available for downloading)
TREDISEC will advance the state of the art in cloud computing by adding security-oriented features on cloud services. To describe these features and to arrive at a set of requirements for them, the TREDISEC end-users as well as the industrial partners developed a set of representative use cases following an iterative process that included multiple rounds of review and refinement phases. These use cases outline typical usage scenarios where end-to-end security is required, and serve as a basis to derive functional and non-functional requirements. This document provides a snapshot of the use cases in the first six months of the project.

D7.2. Dissemination Plan

This document sets out the initial plan to raise awareness of the TREDISEC project concepts and solutions. In this plan, we only outline the scientific dissemination activities whereas all remaining communication activities are described in deliverable D7.3 “Communication Strategy and Plan”.

D1.1. Project Quality Assurance Plan

This document serves two purposes: (i) establishing a framework for the project coordination team to effectively carrying out all management activities and monitor the project for current and future risks and avoid negative effects, and (ii) being a handbook for every member of the project consortium to conduct their contractual project activities with a high quality level, as well as easing their collaborative work.