D1.7 Final Innovation management report

This document reports the final assessment of the TREDISEC project from the point of view of Innovation Management activities. Recall that the main purpose of innovation management is to ensure that the project research activities, technological developments, and achievements, are kept well connected to outside technology developments. An additional goal of innovation management here is to maintain low risk level for the project and to prevent the project’s results from losing relevance given the evolving trends in the market. This report includes a final account on the fulfilment of the main innovation points that were selected for monitoring over the course of the TREDISEC project. We also report the Innovation Director’s monitoring activities in which he engaged, until the time of writing, to ensure smooth transitions between innovation milestones. Concretely, as this document shows, these efforts have guaranteed that TREDISEC innovation is considerably relevant in the cloud security market for the foreseeable future. Namely, we related all the innovation achieved in TREDISEC with respect to the seven innovation points that have been identified in the initial innovation management report. We show that all the innovation points have been addressed in this project. This innovation has also been protected by 5 different patent applications filed by consortium members which renders the risks of project results not being exploited small to medium. We also include a detailed market analysis summarizing the latest trends in the cloud security market over the entire lifetime of the TREDISEC project (also summarizing state of the art in prior TREDISEC deliverables). Our analysis also overviews existing cloud products, and an in-depth study that clearly outlines TREDISEC’s internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats. Our analysis shows that the market has a huge need for TREDISEC innovation and we hope to funnel this innovation to the market by means of our exploitation plan. For the purpose of complete traceability and transparency, this deliverable also includes a summary of the innovation management report of the general assembly meetings held in 2017 and 2018, as well as an up-to-date assessment of the innovation level within each technical work package (WP) in TREDISEC. Finally, we finalize the measurements of the achieved innovation level of the project that were initially outlined in Deliverable 1.6 “Innovation Management Report”. We argue that the innovation level of TREDISEC is healthy and that the project’s outcomes are extremely relevant in the current and future cloud market despite its ever-evolving trends. We therefore hope that TREDISEC results motivate a new line of cloud products in the near future.