D2.1. Description of the Context Scenarios and Use Cases Definition

(This document is confidential and thus, is not available for downloading)
TREDISEC will advance the state of the art in cloud computing by adding security-oriented features on cloud services. To describe these features and to arrive at a set of requirements for them, the TREDISEC end-users as well as the industrial partners developed a set of representative use cases following an iterative process that included multiple rounds of review and refinement phases. These use cases outline typical usage scenarios where end-to-end security is required, and serve as a basis to derive functional and non-functional requirements. This document provides a snapshot of the use cases in the first six months of the project.
The final set of use cases consists of 6 scenarios driven by four partners of the consortium and covers the full spectrum of technologies to be provided by TREDISEC. More specifically:
Use Case 1: Enhance Storage Efficiency Securely. (GRNET)
Use Case 2: Multi-Tenancy and Access Control. (GRNET)
Use Case 3: Optimised WebDav service for confidential storage. (ARSYS)
Use Case 4: Enforcement of Biometric-based Access Control. (MORPHO)
Use Case 5: Secure Upgrade of Biometric Systems. (MORPHO)
Use Case 6: Database Migration into a Secure Cloud. (SAP)
Finally, through the mentoring phase of the use case definition process, each use case has been associated with the relevant technologies that will be developed in the course of the project. This practically translates to a mapping of use cases to Work Packages and Tasks therein in order to concretize the security-specific challenges and the way to address them.

This deliverable is Confidential: only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)