D5.1. Design of Provisioning Framework

The IT world is facing an architectural shift where storage as well as processing capabilities are offered by cloud providers. Data security is a major concern preventing a large scale adoption this cloud computing architecture. Encrypting data on-site before outsourcing it is one way to protect the data. The UC6 “Migration of large data sets into a secure cloud” in deliverable D2.1 describes the requirements of today’s companies, which want to make use of external storage and data processing services. At the same time, companies want to reduce their own costs for setting up, running and maintaining their own servers. The goal of this deliverable is to introduce and describe the functional concepts for a provisioning framework to enable an efficient and optimized migration of large data sets into a secure cloud. Exporting data into a secure cloud requires the encryption of the data. This can easily take months if the data is sufficiently large (consider multiple terabytes). Moreover, keeping the functionality of running SQL queries over the encrypted data requires additional storage space. WP5 will provide the needed research on processing techniques for encrypted data. It will equally take the preparation stage, the processing stage, as well as the outsourcing stage into consideration. This deliverable presents a five-step provisioning process for preparing and outsourcing sensitive data into a secure cloud environment. The upcoming deliverable D5.2 will describe the actual processing step of outsourcing of the data. Moreover, it will provide new processing primitives, which will enable the efficient processing of data once it is prepared and outsourced. Deliverable D5.3 will provide the implementation of a provisioning framework, as well as a complete description and implementation of the privacy preserving data processing primitives.