D7.4. First Dissemination and Communication activities reporting

Horizon 2020 projects are all about impact. While beneficiaries want to see projects yield concrete results, the European Commission is also fond of inspiring success stories that show what difference EU-backed projects could make.
In Horizon 2020, beneficiaries are actually contractually obliged to promote their project and its results, targeting the information to the public, media, or other audiences.
TREDISEC consortium follows a strategy for dissemination and communication and at a consortium level, to set the base-line for individual partner’s activities, in order to reach the maximum impact possible.
• Dissemination strategy was defined in D7.2 as the way TREDISEC engages different dissemination groups including academic researchers and business stakeholders.
• Communication strategy was defined in D7.3 delivered in September 2015, as the combination of rules that are going to guide the information flow from the project towards the outside world.
This 1st Dissemination and Communication Activities report collects all the set of activities developed along the 1st year of the project (M01 – M12), using the selected means described in D7.2 and D7.3, and to evaluate if the progress reached to achieve dissemination and communication goals is satisfactory.
Additionally, the section “Next Steps” describes the schedule for the diffusion of the project along the 2nd year.

This deliverable is Confidential: only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)