D7.5. Second Dissemination and Communication activities reporting

The present deliverable D7.5 collects the Dissemination and Communication activities performed by the TREDISEC consortium during the second year of the project, i.e. from April 2016 until March 2017.
The activities performed along this period aim to achieve the main objectives identified in the Communication Strategy and Plan (deliverable D7.3) at the beginning of the project, these objectives are listed next:
• Raise awareness of the need for research in cloud security, and in particular, of the benefits that TREDISEC may bring into society and business;
• Promote the effort of the EU in pushing the investment in technological projects, such as TREDISEC, that span technical, societal, and economical benefits for European citizens;
• Promote the project achievements and emphasize the innovation advances as a key feature of TREDISEC;
• Enhance the reputation of the consortium members;
• Support exploitation of the TREDISEC results and ensure that project outcomes will be taken into production.
The basis of the scientific knowledge developed within the scope of the project has been strengthened through the publication of thirteen papers in refereed conferences and workshops. This means a significant effort in the dissemination of the scientific work conducted in the project, and is one of the most remarkable achievements along this second year of the project.
It is also worth highlighting the organization of the SECODIC Workshop at ARES Conference. With the collaboration among 6 EU-funded projects: WITDOM, PRISMACLOUD, CREDENTIAL, Coco Cloud, and CLARUS and of course TREDISEC. Eleven talks were given by eleven different speakers, standing out the keynote of recognized researcher Professor N. Asokan.
Besides, we have used the resources available to us, such as the graphic material, or the web platform to promote actively the project in the opportunities that has come up along this period.
Next, in the deliverable we describe in detail these activities and the following steps to face the final year of the project from the perspective of the already defined communication strategy.