Morpho (SAFRAN group) offers a complete range of security solutions covering three main market segments: identification, secure documents and detection. With the recent acquisitions of GE Homeland Protection, Printrak and L-1 Identity Solutions, SAFRAN now boasts true global presence and a comprehensive range of security solutions. Morpho is a world leader in multi-biometric identification technologies (fingerprint, iris, facial and vein recognition), and a major player in explosive detection systems and smart cards, which means that it can address emerging security requirements for individuals, businesses and countries. Deployed in more than 100 countries worldwide, these integrated systems ensure the security of transport and high-value facilities, secure identification and protection of citizens, along with outstanding homeland security. Morpho is the only company today that covers every aspect of identification, detection and data security systems: smart cards; pattern recognition; data and image processing; secure embedded software; secure electronic transactions and e-authentication; cryptography; secure printing; X-ray, trace and computed tomography; advanced system architecture and spectrometry. As the world leader in automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) and ID management solutions, Morpho has proven its ability to manage large-scale projects and develop customised local solutions. Morpho’s research teams study how to securely implement a biometric verification as a service in the cloud.