New whitepaper on cloud towards Free Flow of Data with the participation of TREDISEC

20/ Jun/ 2017
DPSP Cluster Projects

The Data Protection, Security and Privacy Cluster of EU-funded research projects working in those areas has released the Whitepaper on Cloud technology options towards Free Flow of Data.

The document is the result of the collaborative effort of the clustered projects, and it collects the technology outcomes from the projects that help to solve some of the issues raised by the Free Flow of Data (FFD) initiative of the Digital Single Market.

The Whitepaper briefly describes and provides references to the technologies, methodologies, models, and tools researched and developed by the projects mapped to the ten areas of work of the Free Flow of Data initiative. The aim is to facilitate the identification of the state-of-the-art of technology options towards solving the data security and privacy challenges posed by the Free Flow of Data initiative in Europe.

Currently 28 projects participate in the DPSP Cluster with a total EU funding of approximately €86M, corresponding to 19 projects funded in H2020 (€64M), 6 projects in FP7 (€17M), 2 projects in CIP (€5M). Among the, the MUSA (MUlti-cloud Secure Applications) project coordintated by Tecnalia and OPERANDO (Online privacy enforcement, rights assurance and optimization) project in which participate have contributed to the report.

You can read the document in the link below: