Panos Louridas, from GRNET, has presented TREDISEC project at e-Democracy conference

11/ Dec/ 2015
For the 6th occasion of the International Conference on e-Democracy that has been held in Athens, the cradle of democracy, on 10-11 December 2015, the main topic has been "Citizen rights in the world of the new computing paradigms" The conference is organized by the Scientific Council for the Information Society, in co-operation with the

Hellenic Data Protection Authority and a number of universities. It is intended, similarly to previous occasions, to provide a forum for presenting and debating the latest developments in the field, from a technical, political, and legal point of view.

The conference has included a special session on research conducted within European R&D projects related to e-Democracy and e-Participation, e-Government, Security, Privacy and Trust, e-Crime, e-Fraud and Digital Forensics.

Within this special session, Panos Louridas, from GRNET, one of the companies that takes part of the TREDISEC consortium, has presented TREDISEC project explaining its contribution for Security, Privacy and Trust fields.

The objective of TREDISEC is to develop novel, modular end-to-end security primitives that can be combined in a unified framework to cover the entire spectrum of cloud-relevant security, functional, and non-functional requirements.

TREDISEC plans to step away from a myriad of disconnected security protocols or cryptographic algorithms, and to converge on a single framework where all objectives are met. As result, it will deliver a number of practical security solutions for cloud storage and computations, which makes the cloud a secure and efficient haven for data storage.

More information in the presentation showed in the conference.