22/ Oct/ 2015

Atos organized a networking session in the ICT 2015, supported by H2020 projects: WITDOM, TREDISEC, and PRISMACLOUD.

ICT is one of the most relevant events organized by European Commission to promote projects financed by european funds, that research last technological advances beyond the state-of-the-art.

The session entitled "Key challenges in end-to-end privacy/security in untrusted environments" was chaired by Silvana Muscella, CEO & founder of Trust-IT, with a recognized career in ICT communication & business.

Next, Nicolas Notario, member of WITDOM project, Henrich Pohls (PRISMACLOUD project) and Ghassan Karame (TREDISEC project), took over the session, and each of them showed a specific challenge about cloud security.

The further discussion with the audience unveiled audience concerns. It was remarkable the animated discussions about informed consent, and the ethic conflicts derived from the legal loopholes associated to them.
No doubt that privacy and security in cloud will be fully a main topic of debate next years, due to the growth of cloud services, and resulting consequences in data protection.

For more details, here you have the presentations given by the speakers: