TREDISEC at the ICT 2015 event: a newby's experience

The beautiful and sunny city of Lisbon hosted the past 20, 21 and 22 of October , the ICT (Innovate, Connect and Transform) 2015 event, organised by the European Commission, aiming at reaching all representatives of research, politics, industry, start-ups, investors, academia involved in ICT topics.

The event attracted more than 5,700 participants to the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa and TREDISEC was present there too. Our first impression was a really efficiently organised registration process, which facilitated attendants entering the venue with a big smile on face.

TREDISEC at the ICT 2015 Event

Diverse parallel activities were schedulled, structured along the following tracks:

  • A main plennary conference presenting the new European Commission’s policies and initiatives on Research & Innovation in ICT (Horizon 2020 Programme); followed by multiple Work Programme 2016-2017 thematic sessions with detailed information on the funding opportunities in ICT sector;
  • a huge interactive exhibition showcasing the best results and impact of most recent European ICT Research & Innovation;
  • the Startup Europe Forum, featuring EU policy actions for startups and SMEs, innovators, as well as for private and public investors.
  • Besides these activities, the event facilitated networking opportunities for making Research and Innovation connections, exploiting natural synnergies, and promoting high quality partnership for potential future collaboration.

    Innovations at the Exhibition HubPlenary Speech by Commissioner Oettinger, followed by a Panel Discussion on Digital Single Market and Europe's industrial leadership in the digital economy After two days attending illustrative plennary conferences, panel debates on hot topics, visiting exhibition stands showcasing clearly innovative initiatives and their impressive results, and participating in crowded networking sessions, on the last day of the event TREDISEC had its moment!

    Networking session notice at the entrance of the room

    The networking session entitled "Key challenges in end-to-end privacy/security in untrusted environments", organised jointly by projects TREDISEC, WITDOM and PRISMACLOUD, was schedulled for the last slot of the last day of the event. That, a priori, was a drawback for us in order to engage as many people as possible. To overcome that, we tried to advertise the session as much as possible during the previous 2 days, distributing flyers of the project and notices with the session agenda and content in every opportunity we had.

    Networking session notice at the entrance of the roomNetworking session notice at the entrance of the room

    Finally, D-Day H-Hour arrived and everything was set for both the chair (Silvana Muscella, CEO & founder of Trust-IT) and the team of presenters:

  • Nicolas Notario from Atos, member of WITDOM project;
  • Henrich Pöhls from Passau University, representing PRISMACLOUD project;
  • and Ghassan Karame from NEC Europe, our partner from TREDISEC project, who presented one of the project's innovative key points: Data protection versus storage efficiency and multi-tenancy.
  • Ghassan Karame presenting one of Tredisec innovative points

    Despite the bad timeslot allocated for us, during the first 10 minutes we witnessed with great joy how the small room was getting packed and packed :). We had prepared a networking session attendee pack which included one promotional flyer of each of the organizing projects, the agenda and summary of the talks schedulled, and a form for posing questions, including the complete list of means available to contact us. We quickly ran out of them!

    The entire session was recorded on video, including the Question and Answer part. Besides the relevant questions made by the chair Silvana to the presenters (e.g. "With WITDOM’s approach, up to what level is necessary the collaboration of the cloud infrastructure provider?", "Why do you think that the model of trusting the cloud service providers is not suitable?" or "What gaps do you plan to fulfil within TREDISEC and where will you make a difference in the innovation?"), the Q/A session turned to be a very dynamic and interesting exchange of positions between the speakers and a really committed audience.

    A moment of the QnA sessionA moment of the QnA sessionA moment of the QnA sessionA moment of the interactive discussion with audience

    Both the complete video recording and the individual presentations can be downloaded from here.

    All in all, the session was a great success and we feel very happy with the results of this activity. It not only served as a way to promote the TREDISEC project in general and its inherent innovative character, but also help us finding more about the approaches adopted by others in dealing with related (even similar) security challenges in the Cloud. In the end, making the Cloud a secure and efficient place to store and process data is a joint effort, and it will surely have an impact in existing businesses and generate new profitable business opportunities.

    The organising team, happy at the end