TREDISEC mentioned in Atos Research & Innovation group (ARI) booklet 2015

10/ Feb/ 2016

Atos Research & Innovation group (ARI), hub for research and development in new technologies and a key reference for the whole Atos group has launched the yearly report of Atos Research & Innovation (ARI) activities in 2015.

ARI focus is to investigate emerging technologies and anticipate market demand with innovative solutions.

This year, ARI has proved its success in several projects, providing innovative services to customers.

For instance, ARI has led TREDISEC project, which aims at increasing trust in cloud computing by designing new security
primitives ensuring data security and user privacy and supporting the underlying storage and computation technology at the same time.

In pages 37,38 of the booklet, it is available more details about on-going cybersecurity projects of the group, and more specifically about TREDISEC.