TREDISEC will present EPICA at the Second Joint Workshop of the DPSP Cluster

19/ Sep/ 2017

TREDISEC will present by first time a demo of results at the Second Joint Workshop of DPSP Cluster that will be held in Armsterdam, next 19th of September. Javier García, from Atos, will present a demo of the Multi-tenancy Access Control primitive together with other projects belonging to the cluster as SWITCH, PASSWORD, UNICORN, RESTASSURED, PRISMACLOUD and MUSA.

The aim of the primitive is to provide an enforcement component for distributed attribute-based access control (ABAC) policies that ensures that authorized users always get access to the selected cloud resource (either data or service) whilst the access is refused to malicious parties, in the context of a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure (more information here:

The Second Workshop of DPSP is scheduled within the workshop organized by CloudWATCH2 for SMEs, industry leaders and policy experts to think how the European cloud computing market will be shaped in Europe over the next 3 years. (

The dates scheduled are the following if you are interested in attending to this appointment:

1. DPSP Cluster Workshop . 19th Sep (13:30-17:15).

2. CLOUDWATCH2 MTRL Workshop. 19th Sep (17:30-19:00).

3. CLOUDWATCH2 Final Workshop. 20th Sep (10:00-16:30).