TREDISEC@ISSE17: "How to reconcile cloud efficiency with security & privacy"

15/ Nov/ 2017
ISSE 2017, Brussels
Elena Gonzalez
Name of Conference: 
TREDISEC workshop: "How to reconcile cloud efficiency with security & privacy"

Only four months left to finish TREDISEC!

It has been a long way, but the time has come. We are in the final countdown and we have obtained awesome results along this tough but exciting period. So let's start showing off!

In order to do that, we have chosen the conference ISSE: The future of Digital Security & Trust. In its 19th edition, the conference was held at Belgium Deloitte premises, an impressive location. Here on the right, you can see the interior coutyard of the building.

The TREDISEC workshop took place in the morning of the second day of the conference and was titled "How to reconcile cloud efficiency with security & privacy". This is our mantra and we wanted to get across the message that TREDISEC provides the necessary means to achieve it.

Elena González

Elena González (ATOS), Communication Manager of the project, gave an overview of the main objectives of the project. She explianed how TREDISEC's innovations contribute to enlarge and excel the EU Market Cloud Security landscape. Innovation is a key feature of TREDISEC and we have done a significant effort to keep ahead of the game.

Elena González

But we also wanted to show tangible results too, so next was the turn for demonstrations:

Jose Ruiz (ATOS), TREDISEC Arquitecture Design leader presented the TREDISEC framework, showing the main functionalities with a focus on the primitive testing and deployment features. Right after, Andreas Fischer (SAP), leader of WP5 Processing and Encryption , presented one of the primitives of the project catalogue , the "Secure Data Migration Service" in the context of Use Case 6: "Database Migration into a Secure Cloud" .

Jose RuizAndreas Fischer

Last but not least, David Vallejo (ARSYS), leader of WP7 "Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication" , explained how TREDISEC aligns with the market and described our go-to-market approach.

David Vallejo

We received very valuable feedback from the audience, since several questions were posed throughout the entire session and some comments and suggestions were collected from the questionnaires shared. We'll make sure all these are taken into account in the remaining activities.

In the upcoming months and until the end of the project, we still have some important tasks to accomplish.

The technical validation of the framework and primitives in the context of four industrially relevant scenarios, on the one hand, will give us a realistic view on the maturity and viability of our results.

On the other hand, we need to go a step further in the definition of the strategy for exploitation of these results. We have several options already over the table, currently under discussion, and need to come to an agreement to outline a sustainable path, for both the framework and the primitives, which guarantees a successful entrance in the market.

Dear reader, if you have read until this point...Wish us good luck!

Sure we will reach our goals with the help of our fantastic team.