A verifiable system for automated face identification

21/ Sep/ 2016
Darmstadt, Germany
Hervé Chabanne, Julien Keuffer, Roch Lescuyer
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This paper is related to TREDISEC WP3.


In this paper, we consider a use case where an airport passenger travels and uses an automated gate to cross a border. We detail three phases: a pre-check before the arrival at the airport, the travel of the passenger from his check-in to the automated border gates and finally, the crossing of the gate. To accelerate the throughput at the border gates, we want to identify his face among a flight passenger list during the second phase. This identification is split between the passenger who takes a picture of his face with his smartphone and the immigration authorities. We rely on cryptographic verifiable computation techniques to ensure the security of the process. Experimental results show that our protocol is practical.