Welcome to the TREDISEC blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

We are living a fascinating moment in what concerns Security in the Cloud, and we would like to share it with you.

There are plenty of evidence of how Cloud market will grow in 5 years, becoming a very important source of employment and economical benefits for the citizens and businesses across the European Union. But at the same rate that Cloud market grows, the challenges for Security and Privacy increase as well.

TREDISEC is a three years duration project, co-funded by the European Comission as part of the Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation programme. The project started on April 2015 and its main purpose is to provide an innovative solution that addresses an ambitious research challenge: let functional Cloud requirements (e.g. efficient storage, multi-tenancy) and non-functional security requirements (confidentiality, integrity, access control) live together in a secure and trustworthy Cloud ecosystem.

From this window to outside, we would like to keep you updated about TREDISEC advances.
But this is not only about us.
We will talk about other research initiatives and FP7/H2020 projects with similar and complementary goals too.
If you are interested in Cloud Security, we aim to be a space to look at as the new advances happen.

We have a long way in front of us... and we invite you to walk alongside us :)