On Information Leakage in Deduplicated Storage Systems

28 Oct 2016
Vienna, Austria
Hubert Ritzdorf, Ghassan O. Karame, Claudio Sorniente, Srdjan Cˇapkun
CCSW 2016

Message-Locked Proofs of Retrievability with Secure Deduplication

28 Oct 2016
Vienna, Austria
Dimitrios Vasilopoulos, Melek Önen, Kaoutar Elkhiyaoui, Refik Molva
CCSW 2016

AyncShock: Exploiting Synchronisation Bugs in Intel SGX Enclaves

28 Sep 2016
Heraklion, Greece
Nico Weichbrodt, Anil Kurmus, Peter Pietzuch, and Rüdiger Kapitza

Delegating Biometric Authentication with the Sumcheck Protocol

26 Sep 2016
Heraklion, Greece
Hervé Chabanne, Julien Keuffer, and Roch Lescuyer
WISTP 2016

Searchable Encryption for Biometric Identification Revisited

26 Sep 2016
Heraklion, Greece
Ghassane Amchyaa, Julien Bringer, Roch Lescuyer
DPM 2016

A verifiable system for automated face identification

21 Sep 2016
Darmstadt, Germany
Hervé Chabanne, Julien Keuffer, Roch Lescuyer

Mirror: Enabling Proofs of Data Replication and Retrievability in the Cloud

16 Aug 2016
Austin, Texas
Frederik Armknecht, Ludovic Barman, Jens-Matthias Bohli, Ghassan Karame
USENIX Security 2016

Study of a verifiable biometric matching

20 Jun 2016
Vigo, Spain
H. Chabanne, J. Keuffer, R. Lescuyer
IH&MMSec 2016

Efficient Techniques for Publicly Verifiable Delegation of Computation

30 May 2016
Xi'an, China
Kaoutar Elkhiyaoui, Melek Önen, Monir Azraoui, Refik Molva

A transparent defense against USB eavesdropping attacks

18 Apr 2016
London, UK
Matthias Neugschwandtner, Anton Beitler, Anil Kurmus